Climate Dev Enterprises Cloud Storage Terms of Use

Climate Dev is proud to provide cloud storage options to support your projects. By using our storage service, you consent

to the following terms of reasonable use:

-Climate Dev is not resposible for maintaining the integrity of files, including any data loss (due to actions of the client or otherwise)

-The client is responsible for cleaning up any old files no longer in use. Climate Dev reserves the right to delete files no longer

being used by the client to maintain maximum available allocated space

-The client is resposible for ensuring that their files do not exceed the allocated space provided through their agreement with

Climate Dev. Any overages in usage will be subject to fees as outlined below:

•1-100 mb overage: 1 time written warning, then $9.99/month

•100 mb - 1 tb overage: $19.99/month

•1 tb+ overage: $24.99/month

-Any failure to pay dues or overage fees will result in suspension of access to the Climate Dev Xenserver. Climate Dev reserves

the right to permanently disable user accounts and remove content for continued failure to pay dues. In addition, content may

be removed and account suspended for any of the following reasons:

-Storage of pirated materials, key gens, or other copyrighted materials

-Storage of pornographic material

-Malicious files, including spyware, malicious codes, and other ransomware

-Abusive content toward other users, company clients, or the company itself

**In addition the above, Climate Dev reserves the right to remove any content deemed to implicitly fall under any of these categories,

pose secutriy risks, or have any general malicious intent

**Use of the server for storage of personal materials (i.e. personal photos, music, etc.) is strongly dscouraged. However, if the client

wishes to store personal data on the server, this will be allowed with the understanding the Climate Dev takes no responsibility for

ther integrity. Any loss of personal files not tied to any affiliated project will be the sole responsibility of the client. Any

loss of data, or distribution due to attacks on the server or otherwise will be the responsibility of the client. Personal data is

subject to the same terms of reasonable use as project data.

Climate Dev Enterprises

October 2019 Terms of Use

All subsequent ammendments to these terms will be found below. Climate Dev reserves the right to ammend these terms whenever needed