About Us



Climate Dev is dedicated to you and helping you get your project off the ground. We offer data mining and consultation services to help you locate all the information you need for your project. Our secure MetaServer (hosted by Citrix Xenserver) provides plenty of space for you to store your data, SDKs, and any other development files and packages.

Don't Want to Do Your Own Analysis?

Let Climate Dev do the analysis for you! We can take your data and use it to build the figures you need. Our experts can develop regression plots, tables, and any other figures you need to include in your project

Unique Expertise in the Field

At Climate Dev, our experts have real experience compiling data specific to Climate Science and Meteorology. Our expertise includes countless hours spent compiling metadata in NCL, the language National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) developed specifically for scientific analysis. We also have plenty of experience working in Java, Python, Matlab, and many others.

Quality Products You Can Trust

We aren't done until you're done. We'll assist you step by step through developing your project and providing you a product worth publishing.

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